Calls for applications are published periodically and are open for a limited period of time of minimum 45 days. Candidates interested in a mobility and the related scholarship must apply during the application period through the online application system provided on this website. Eligible applications are then evaluated (see the Selection page)and selected candidates are awarded the scholarships.

Calls for applications:


Application period

Selection outcomes


First Cohort

Call for applications application/pdf (88.48 kB)

1 Nov 2011 
15 Feb 2012

Selection complete. See outcomes 




Second Cohort

Call for applications application/pdf (296.20 kB)

15 Sep 2012 

30 Nov 2012

(extended to 14 Feb 2013)

Selection complete. See outcomes


Applicants are recommended to browse the information on this website, read the full text of the Call for Applications and follow the Application Instructions. Before applying it is very important to clearly understand the types and durations of the available scholarships, the eligibility conditions and the available academic programs at every host university. In case of doubt applicants can ask for clarifications to the project contacts at their Home/HostUniversity or to the project Coordinator.

All communications with applicants take place through e-mail. Applicants are required to make sure they have an active and working e-mail address before proceeding.

When you're ready to apply, click the "Apply here" button.


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